Act Summaries

Act I Summary:

Attaius has been supervising the recruitment of new cultists into the Hand of God. While he is in the Black Tower, he meets a very ambitious youth named Content Not Found: Thovan_, eager to make a name for himself. His father, previously serving in the King’s Guard, has just passed away in combat in Numera and Attaius can see the rage within Thovan against the _Content Not Found: king, something he keeps well hidden.

Attaius observes Thovan’s skill in combat as well as mental drive and will-power. He also sees his interest in Dark Magic, noting the ancient tomes he reads on the subject as well as his clothing which often contain fabric adorned with ancient symbols of such magic. When he feels the time is appropriate he approaches him and offers him a chance at revenge. Attaius has has two goals: the murder of the king of Harmnia and stealing a yellow orb seen in Mistfield by spies in the area. The motivation behind both of these acts is currently unknown. But before he can trust him with such a task, he must first make sure the youth is as capable as he seems.

He therefore sends him on a mission: he must first befriend Content Not Found: Karamon, a strong and wise protector of the region surrounding Aladon. His protection is interfering with some of the black market activity of the Hand of God and is a particular annoyance the cult and will probably interfere with taking the orb from Mistfield. Attaius gives Thovan the task of eventually killing Karamon to avoid further conflict in the region.

Thovan returns home Blackmoor to visit his mother. Here he stays for a period of time, planning the way in which he will befriend Karamon and then betray him. He asks around town, both in Aladon as well as Blackmoor, to find out more information on the nature of Karamon’s personality and power. Soon he leaves Blackmoor to visit Aladon and fashions a new name for himself: Content Not Found: Thovan. It is this name that the residents of Aladon know him as. He spends a number of weeks as a farm-hand, watching Karamon passively whenever he happens to pass by.

Eventually, luck is in his favor and cultists from the Hand of God arrive to destroy a farm nearby because they are growing the rare crop, interfering with the market values the cultists are selling it at. Thovan aids Karamon in his task and helps to kill the cultists. During the aftermath, he talks to Karamon and convinces him to let him aid him. Karamon is skeptical at first but seeing Thovan’s drive and ambition, he eventually comes to believe he has made a good decision.

Dimensional doors have been opening for unknown reasons in the area, all of which seems to linked to the Far Realm. Ultio and Karamon both uncover traces of leftover doors or failed openings. As they attempt to solve this mystery, they notice the frequency of such doors continues to increase in number. Finally, one manages to open fully, shortly after Karamon writes his last journal entry. Ultio and Karamon both completely destroy all traces of the creatures that came out of it. Exhausted and injured, the two of them make their way back to Karamon’s house. As Karamon steps inside and sees that some of his security traps have been triggered. Ultio betrays him in this moment, pushing him straight into the hands of two cultists that appear in the moment. He underestimates his mentor’s strength however, and a battle ensues, leaving the cultists and Karamon dead.

Content Not Found: Gann_ role in all of this was talking with Content Not Found: Artremus_ to learn more about Karamon. He has also been feeding him false information. He has also been paying Content Not Found: Sulo, a councilmember of Aladon who owns the brothel, to keep the town guard in the brothel for extended periods of time by lowering their rates. Sulo also owns multiple armories and blacksmiths in the area. A wealthy entrepreneur named Content Not Found: Pintsworth has been very successful in sales of his special armor, providing competition for Sulo. The Hand of God tells Sulo that if he lowers his rates, they will eliminate all competition for him. Despite the obviously suspicious nature of this request, Sulo decides he will gain more money out of it and accepts. Eventually, with enough food and women, they town guard have essentially given up on their duties. Meanwhile, the cult abducts Pintsworth’s family and forces him to produce his special armor for them alone.

Ultio flees to Port Kalt as soon as he can to avoid further implication and to rendezvous with Attaius. Upon arrival Attaius congratulates him upon his success and tells him that he has a greater plan in store for him. He tells him to head to Mistfield and take down the astronomy tower there where Soraard resides and steal a yellow orb that is present there. Cultist spies had seen the orb emerge from the ocean a week earlier and followed its path, seeing it eventually disappear within the confines of Soraard’s tower. It was their assumption that Soraard had found and summoned it from the ocean and brought it over.

Meanwhile, cultists arrive in Othmar Farm on another mission to destroy the crops there. The party eventually arrives there and upon witnessing the destruction heads back to Mistfield. It is during this time that Thovan chose to strike, surrounding the tower, burning it to the ground, and taking the orb. With their usual obsession with fire, the cultists light the city and the surrounding forests on fire before they leave.

The death of Karamon has had other implications in the area. It turns out that he was doing such an effective job of protecting the area that he managed to destroy any of the mysterious cultists who had been trying to open the dimensional doors. Unfortunately, two weeks after his death they finally succeeded. First, a Mimic is spotted by the party on the way to the town and soon after, traces of the door followed by the line of carnage the leads down to Brushmyre which has been almost all destroyed. Near the door is the torn remains of a white cloak covered in an iridescent material. Among the rubble, a small hollowed piece of metal with a runic symbol is found. Thankfully, Brushmyre’s city guard put an end to it the town was completely destroyed.

Within the Phosphos Caverns in Brushmyre, they listen in on an interrogation which reveals Thovan’s involvement in the cult. Content Not Found: Lavos chases after the Shifter heading the interrogation into the portal and into the Black Tower which closes shortly after.

After travelling to Port Kalt and noting the destruction there, the party realizes that in order to obtain the orb, they must travel to the tower and infiltrate it somehow. Due to the high number of cultists there, it does not seem likely that they can approach the tower from the main bridge leading to the island but must instead find an alternative route. Recalling the legend of the Pheladi, ancient dwarves that once lived in the caves of the Phosphos Mountains nearby, they realize that they used to trade with some of the original inhabitants of the Black Tower through ancient and forgotten passageways. These passageways provide a very convenient way to enter the tower unnoticed.

The party travels through the caves for several days and enter the Black Tower. Within the jail cells, they meet a man named Content Not Found: Morsus_ whose goals are to rescue his sister, _Content Not Found: Nara, who he believes has been imprisoned by the cult. Precisely where is unknown however. He joins the party in hopes he can find his sister with their aid. The party also finds and rescues [[:Pintsworth’s family]] who were imprisoned here. Deeper in the tower, they find the body of Lavos and the orb floating above it. They attempt to awaken him and doing so triggers an attack by Attaius. The Mind Flayer they encountered earlier, [[:Ar’Gourath]], appears from a portal and throws Attaius in and attacks the party. After defeating Ar’Gourath, the players escape the tower and the cultists.

Atremus has two leads on the cult and requests that they investigate the matter further. The party heads South along the coast to continue their quest.

Act II Story Log:

The Shardminds and New Arquatus: The Shardminds do not venture forth into the fissure near the outside of the city. A few thousand years ago, the Elves that first inhabited the city went deep into the tunnels in that area and encountered a mysterious object. They emerged completely corrupted and slaughtered everyone in their town. Much later, the Shardminds appeared on Aevus and built a city in this area. They protect this region, fearing to venture into the fissure because they believe whatever lies beneath there may be a lingering influence of corruption that ruined the minds of the Elves that lived here thousands of years. They also learn that the Hand of God has been making attempts to visit the Far Realm but are unable to do so because some of the most important parts of the gates remain intact. They can only partially access it, at its outer limits. They mention that there might be a connection of some sort between the Hand of God and Those in White (later revealed as The Right Path). The Shardminds do not know what exists in this area any longer but they suspect it might be a crystal shard of some kind. Previous expeditions into the cave resulted in discovery of a Drow city and a long war with the Drow people. However, it has long since been quiet in this region. The Shardminds are concerned with recent changes to that area and a surge in some kind of activity involving the Those in White. Lastly, they mention that there have been recent kidnappings in this city and a known Seer has disappeared.

The White Tower: Content Not Found: Caecus_, the survivor of the massacre outside the tower tells them that the cult is called “The Right Path”. The Right Path accidentally set off the massacre in Brushmyre by opening portals there. He was later taken in for investigation and interrogated about his knowledge of the Hand of God as well as any of his abilities to access areas of the Far Realm. He mentions the Right Path has been fighting a Drow group led by Gann within these tunnels. There is some kind of disagreement occurring between the two groups but he is hesitant to reveal his cult’s true intentions. Lastly, he tells them that he knows they are looking for the Orb and tells them to go to Lucidum. There a priest named _Content Not Found: Oratran can guide them to finding another Orb. Oratran is an astrologer and he mentions that the Right Path has some kind of interest in Seers.

Lucidum: In the Citadel they learn of the Order of Celestian and the beliefs of the Far Wanderers. The Content Not Found: Wanderers left this realm in their travels and only returned a thousand years later in the forms of Mind Flayers. The priests here seem to be either ignorant of this or uncaring. Instead they claim that they buried the exalted Wanderers in tombs across the desert along with an artifact that they brought back with them.

The Tombs of the Wanderers:

Shadowbridge: Content Not Found: Draxus, the head of a section of the hospital and renowned wizard has disappeared. In his office in the abandoned hospital, he left behind two entries from his journal hidden in a small room behind his office:

Gann has requested that Draxus open a portal to the Astral Sea and he has refused. He mentions two catastrophes: one in Blackmoor and more recently in the Forest of Memories, both of which he believes the cult was involved in. The Dwellers may have been tortured or interrogated by Gann for knowledge they have about an artifact the Hand of God seeks. He mentions the hospital has been corrupted in some strange way and leaves behind a charm as well as instructions to find his daughter Content Not Found: Elia on the Isle of Dust.

Dragonmarsh: In the Archives they learn more about the early history of the universe including the Dawn War. North of the city, they encounter a small group of cult members from the Hand of God that appear to have been killed by various portals opening nearby. They attack the survivors and after interrogating them they learn that they had been at the Isle of Dust to abduct Elia.

Act Summaries

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