Visions of the Void

Goals and Assignments

Here is a complete list of all of the various plot threads that have been opened up since Act I but never resolved. You will notice that many items on this list are not yet checked off. A lot of those hanging plot lines will become clear at the end of the act and others will be resolved in later acts. I have made this as detailed as necessary so you can remember what you have learned about each thing so far. Hope this helps!

Act II Goals and Assignments:
The Orbs
•[ ] The Orb’s Function: Orb was burning hot to the touch initially but later cooled down significantly. Exact function is still not known. Information in Lucidum and from the note to Attaius in the Black Tower indicate some kind of mechanism or key for open some sort of extra-dimensional location related to the Rift that opened in the 3rd Cycle. This was further confirmed by Artremus during the council the party attended at his home.
•[ ] The Hand of God: This cult has expressed extreme interest in this item, going so far as to kill a major protector of North Harmnia (Karamon) in order to steal the orb. Why are they seeking it? The note to Attaius found in the Black Tower revealed that they do not appear to completely understand its purpose but are seeking out multiple orbs of similar property.
•[ ] Multiple Orbs: Another orb was discovered in the Tomb of the Wanderers and there is another on the Isle of Glass. How many are there?

The Hand of God
•[ ] Identity: A bizarre cult that has a fascination with esoteric and dark metaphysical ideas. Has so far committed multiple acts of violence against innocent people, attacked and destroyed multiple cities, and is in alliance with the Drow (and perhaps a kind of uneasy alliance with Mind Flayers). Witnessed multiple strange rituals performed within the Black Tower. Who is their leader? Attaius appears to be associated with the Hand of God and controlling some of their activities from the Black Tower. Gann may be working for Attaius to carry out his orders.
•[ ] Beliefs: Some of the cultists have mentioned the “Abyss of Thought” – cult seems to have an obsession with this imagery and associated concepts. They worship a concept known as the “Void” and very likely worship some deity as well though this has not been confirmed. Information obtained in the Black Tower (“The Black Abyss”) suggests some kind of separation of the mind and body in some kind of escape from reality. Abstract imagery and concepts prevent any kind of interpretation so far that will reveal their goals.
•[ ] Goals: Full goals unknown. So far they seem to be after the Orbs and involved in a search for sentient artifacts. They are somehow connected to the other cult, The Right Path but exactly what the connection is has not been discovered yet. Thovan was revealed to be involved in some kind of assassination attempt on the king of Harmnia. Why would the cult desire this? Draxus’ note claims that Gann wants to find a way into a specific part of the Astral Sea and leave the portal open permanently.
•[ ] Mhorgal: Mentioned once in a note to Attaius. Who is he and what is his relation to the cult? Nature of the note suggests that he is of an order in rank above Attaius.
•[ ] Gann and Attaius: Current information indicates that these two work for the Hand of God. Attaius is heading the attack in North Harmnia to obtain the orb while Gann seems to be a rank lower and carrying out the commands. Who stands above them in rank? Gann appears to have a connection somehow to Feal though he has not revealed this yet.

•[X] The City’s Destruction: Caecus reveals that the Right Path was experimenting with portals and failed. They accidentally opened a portal and monsters rushed out destroying the city. He does not completely agree with the goals of the Right Path but will not reveal what they are specifically. He will not reveal the cult’s true intention in the city either.
•[X] Interrogation: Following the city’s destruction, the Hand of God traveled to the city and captured him. After a violent interrogation, they took him to the Black Tower. He escaped sometime later.

The Mind Flayers
•[ ] Goals: Unknown. One Mind Flayer has attacked the party and fought on behalf of Attaius in the Black Tower. Suggests an alliance or common goal.
•[ ] Connection to Hand of God: Ar’Gourath expressed anger at Attaius in the Black Tower and threw him into a portal before fighting the party. Alliance is likely but nothing else is known about their connections.

“Those in White” (The Right Path)
•[X] Identity: Who are they? Mentioned in Karamon’s Journal. Found dead around a portal that had recently closed. Revealed by Caecus to be a cult known as “The Right Path”.
•[ ] Beliefs: Caecus has not revealed their goals. They may be connected to the Hand of God in some way but that is not known for sure. Artremus has revealed some of the basic ideologies of his beliefs to Feal. He was revealed by Caecus to be a member of this organization.
•[ ] Goals: Caecus was hesitant to mention the goals of the Right Path though he admitted that he did not believe in them. Caecus hinted at the possibility of a connection to the abductions.
•[ ] Oratran: Caecus gives the party a contact in Lucidum named Oratran, an astrologer with predictive abilities. Oratran knowns a lot about the party’s goals and is being pursued by the Right Path for unknown reasons. Caecus has aided him, keeping him away from the Right Path.

Port Kalt
•[ ] Circumstances Behind Downfall: Thovan revealed some of the history of the city including the downfall of two of the city’s most respected leaders – a man named Aerith and another man whose name he did not know. Poor spending and decision prior to this led to massive deficits and the deterioration of the city. The city collapsed shortly after with no means to properly run the city. Anything else important about this?
•[ ] Aerith: Aerith was mentioned in a note to Attaius. What is his relation to the cult?

Assassination Plot of the King
•[ ] Overheard in Interrogation: Very little is known about this. It appears Thovan was somehow involved in a plot to kill the king of Harmnia.

•[ ] Opening Around Aevus: Soraard and Atremus have spent the last few weeks protecting various cities in the area from the portals which have opened up in the Eastern section of the continent. Why are these portals opening up?

“The Wizard”
•[ ] Note to Attaius: This note reveals that a wizard was abducted. After refusing to comply with the requests of Attaius, someone from his family was abducted to force him to carry out the Hand of God’s plans. There is enough information to conclude this relates to Draxus and his daughter Elia.

The Two Cults
•[ ] Connections or Similarities: Are the two cults related in any way? The Right Path does not seem to resort to violence though they did (accidentally) open portal in Brushmyre destroying the city. Caecus is not completely convinced of their goals and intentions. Artremus, a member of the Right Path, appears to be a helpful and good person though not too much is specifically known of his intentions either.
•[ ] History: Norfan, the protector of the region near Lucidum mentioned that the Far Wanderers, the honored members of the Brotherhood of Celestian, were said to have traveled to the Far Realm according to legend. Their faces were said to have been distorted upon their return and some scholars believed they had been possessed by Mind Flayers. The Brotherhood split, generating two separate offshoots. The Brotherhood itself continued to worship the Far Wanderers as they did not accept the theory that they had become Mind Flayers. The other two cults, the Hand of God and the Right Path, both believed the theory and formed their ideologies for or against the actions of aberrant creatures respectively.

Atremus’ Lead #1
Context: Sent by Artremus to investigate. He mentioned a possible leads based on the fact that he believed the Hand of God was looking for something here.
•[X] Visit Hospital in Shadowbridge:It appears the artifact is not there given the trashed state of the office. Was someone looking for it? Were they successful or was it never there to begin with?
•[ ] What Happened at the Hospital: Based on the note left by Draxus, Gann approached him here multiple times for a request that he would not comply with. Draxus mentions an item that “drinks life” that Gann had obtained from the Forest of Memories. He likely tortured the people here (“The Dwellers”) with this artifact to obtain information on an artifact he is seeking. It is not clear what information he got from them and how it helped him. Gann is likely to have some direct involvement to the transformation that occurred in the hospital a short time later.
•[X] Charm: A charm originating from the Astral Sea was found here. The note from Draxus says it may be used to find his daughter who should know the context of his disappearance which he seems to suspect is near. Charm seems to reveal the location of Elia.

Atremus’ Lead #2
Context: Sent by Artremus to investigate. He mentioned a possible leads based on the fact that he believed the Hand of God was looking for something here.
•[ ] Visit Isle of Dust: Island is supposedly guarded well. Approach with caution and possible find some means of defense.
•[ ] Steal Artifact: An artifact is housed here in the Araxan Palace. Find a way in and steal the artifact.

•[ ] Identity: A wizard of great power with knowledge of portals and extra-dimensional regions. Appears to be somewhat of a philanthropist, as he volunteers at a hospital in Shadowbridge. He is generally well-known throughout the region.
•[ ] Elia: Daughter of Draxus. Draxus’ note mentions that she can be found on the Isle of Dust, which is where the party is heading for the second Nebula job. It appears she was abducted from the island by the Hand of God. Why? The heirloom found by Draxus appear to still point to island. If she has been abducted, why does it still point here?
•[ ] Connection to Hand of God: Gann has shown interest in him and his abilities. Why? What does the cult want with him?

The Tombs of the Wanderers
•[ ] Brainless Wanderers: Why are the Wanderers all without brains? Obvious connection to Mind Flayers. In Lucidum it was mentioned that the Wanderers left in the 2nd Cycle and returned a thousand years later in a new form.

The Drow
•[ ] Involvement with Hand of God: Somehow allied with the Hand of God. Have been participating with the cult in multiple attacks on the White Tower. Why are they allied and what is their purpose?
•[ ] Attack on the White Tower: They aided in an attack of the White Tower outside Arquatus. What was their goal in this attack?

The Forest of Memories
•[ ] “The Dwellers”: Mention of the Forest of Memories in Draxus’ notes. What did Gann seek here and why was here there? According to Draxus, the people here are apparently known as “The Dwellers”.

The Artifact
•[ ] Purpose/Function: Unknown.
•[ ] Connection to Hand of God: Appear to be searching for them. Location likely to be on the Isle of Dust. What artifact was being sought by the cult and why?

The Shards
•[ ] Purpose/Function: Unknown.
•[ ] The Shardminds: Searching for shards.
•[ ] Connection to Hand of God: Apparently searching for Shards as well. Why?

The Seers and the Abductions
•[ ] Circumstances Behind Abductions: Seers from various cities in Numera and Harmnia have disappeared. Where are they? Who abducted them? Why?
•[ ] Nara’s Abduction: Morsus’ sister, Nara, was abducted. She is a Seer as well.



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